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BlogMine comprises a suite of personal web logs (blogs) by individuals who have a desire to share their knowledge and, even more importantly, their comments on the industry.You may be interested in just reading what they have to say. If so, you are welcome to simply browse around the blogs listed on this page. However, if so inspired, you are also welcome to submit your own comments on what each of our bloggers has to say. The facility to comment is included in each blog.

If you have something significant to contribute and would like to set up your own blog on BlogMine we would be delighted to hear from you. We welcome contributions from all participants who are prepared to work with us to enhance mining and mineral exploration knowledge and promote good practice. In the meantime read what the latest members of the mining blogging community have to say.

“All One River GIS” - Michele Murray

All One River GISMichele Murray is a geologist working in the mining industry. She lives in South Park, Colorado. She tried to be a freelance outdoors writer / artist until they discovered - she works in the mining industry.

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“International Mining” - John Chadwick

International MiningJohn Chadwick is the author of International Mining. The publication first burst onto the scene in 1984 as the cutting edge magazine written by miners for miners. With over 20 more years of experience under our belts, we’re ready to do it again.

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“Unrealized Mineral Deposit” - Glenn Finlay

Unrealized Mineral DepositGlenn started his studies in mining engineering in 2007 at UBC. He laboured in electrical engineering at SFU before coming to his senses and emerging from the darkness only to plunge back into the depths of the Earth. He offers a not necessarily average picture of the life, work, interests, activities, and opinions of the next generation of mining engineers. He obviously does not speak for all of them. The implications would be dire were this the case.

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“The BarkerLetter” - Kevin Barker

The BarkerLetter - Fresh, daily analysis of mineral industry news and trendsKevin Barker is a veteran business journalist who worked for seven years as an investigative crime reporter for Equity Magazine, an award winning business journal based in Vancouver BC Canada. Kevin was also the editor of The Prospector newspaper for many years, where he picked up his knowledge of the mining and mineral exploration industries. He subsequently focused his attention on mining stocks and started The BarkerLetter.

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“From the Ground Up” - Patrick Littlejohn

Patrick Littlejohn is working on his Masters Thesis in Metallurgy at the University of British Columbia.  He is a self-described computer game nut, who has turned his love of computer games into a fascination with systems analysis and mathematical modeling.  His father, a teacher on Vancouver Island, is still not sure if supporting his computer games habit was a good or bad thing: afterall he will become a miner not a teacher.  He decided to write his InfoMine blog after he read one too many InfoMine blogs with which he did not agree.  Now you can get the benefit of his insight, opinions, youthful perspective, and energy.  InfoMine is delighted and honored to have him join the band of bloggers.

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“Gold Market and Precious Metals Commentary” - Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy's Gold Market and Precious Metals CommentaryBill Murphy is from Cornell University and the School of Hotel Administration. Bill has an extensive commodities and futures background having spent time over the years with some of the most well-known Wall Street firms. He is the Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), a voice for the gold industry.

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“I Think Mining” - Jack Caldwell

I Think MiningPopularJack is professional engineer with many years consulting experience in the mining industry in Africa and the Americas. He also has a law degree. He is currently based in Vancouver BC Canada and manages InfoMine’s technology section,

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